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So no one told you life was gonna be this way…

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interviewer: umm, Naya..*everybody starts screaming*heather: *giggles* ..she’s hot, she’s hot.


interviewer: umm, Naya..
*everybody starts screaming*
heather: *giggles* ..she’s hot, she’s hot.

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“Give Me Fire” - Alexz Johnson - Live at The Coffee Bean in L.A. 

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Who wants to read a chapter of my novel?! (I’m feeling generous!)

Like/Reply if so!! :)

I would LOVE some constructive criticism on it!! 

But fair warning, it’s pretty mediocre for the most part; I’m dealing with a crazy (& sometimes insanely difficult) POV that isn’t my strong suit :/

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9 photos of Heather Morris (asked by Duzi)

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6 favorite pics of naya rivera (requested by lostmymindincali)

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